Fortune Philosophy

Since our inception, the philosophy at Fortune Data Management has remained clear and unchanged:

  • Commitment
  • Dedication
  • Reliability
  • Personal Attention

“Our aim is to be the leading provider of total integrated information technology solutions and services. We believe in delivering the best solution to our customers at the most comprehensive price, without sacrificing either quality or services”.

What Fortune Offers

Fortune Data Ensures Maximum Uptime For Your System. Fortune Data’s wealth of expertise in IT and business contingency planning enables us to offer technical consultancy on a wide range of topics, including ‘business impact/risk analysis’, ‘contingency planning’ and ‘systems set-up and procedures’.

Fortune Data has also developed a range of IT Support services, which focus purely, and simply on ensuring maximum uptime for our customers systems.

At Fortune Data, Our services and products

Our Customised Approach

Fortune Data meets with you to evaluate your company’s existing program and to make recommendations for hardware, software, maintenance and training. We then develop a strategic plan that includes acquisition, implementation and maintenance. Since every company is unique; we design a program that’s tailored to your business needs.

As networks have become increasingly complex and new technologies are introduced, the skill sets required within each business environment are often diverse.

Fortune Data is a leader in enterprise